Greener Home Grant announcement

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Good morning Canadian users! 👋

📣 The announcement Canadian HVAC companies have been waiting for was released this week! This announcement confirmed that the Greener Home Grant continues to be paused. 📣

An article from Global news states:

The government plans on establishing an $800-million program to provide direct funding for low-to-middle income households on the installation of energy-efficient retrofits on their heating systems. This fund is set to rollout over five years, starting in 2025-26.

We had many clients who missed the window this year and were waiting to schedule their heat pump installs until this announcement was made. We were all hoping the Greener Home Grant would reopen this spring or summer. Now that it will not be starting up again until 2025/2026 we are disappointed. We were anticipating the grant to help fill up our install team's schedule this summer. 

I'm curious how other HVAC companies feel about this and what your plan is to stay busy and still continue to sell heat pumps despite the grant being on hold this year? 

For more information, here is a link to the article quoted above:


Khiana Klatt
CSR ServicePlus Heating and Cooling