Hello Canadian users! ๐Ÿ‘‹

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Hello Canadian users! My name is Khiana, and I am one of the group owners. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself to each of you and to thank you for joining this group!  


I live in Ontario and am about 30 minutes outside of our countryโ€™s capital, Ottawa. I work for ServicePlus Heating and Cooling. We are an HVAC company. I started working here in July 2022, one year ago. The company was already using ServiceTitan when I joined the team, so I have been a user for a year now. I am our main CSR. I answer the phone, book appointments, register warranties, order equipment/parts, etc. Before joining ServicePlus, I was an educator and worked full time in a local daycare as a preschool teacher. This was a big career change! 


I live alone with my two cats (Gibbs & Cheyenne), my dog (Rowan) and many house plants. I love country music and go to a lot of concerts. I enjoy reading, drawing and painting. I drink a lot of tea to get through my day. Ice cream is definitely one of my favourite foods. Some of my favourite places to visit include Chapters or a greenhouse. 


Watching webinars, listening to podcasts and reading in Community I have learned that American Service Titan users have many features that we do not have available to us as Canadian Users. I wanted to create a group to shed some light on this. Hopefully our group can grow enough that we can show there is a need here in Canada for these features! Using Service Titan daily, I have also found some things that do not work well for our Canadian workflow. I wanted a group to share these problems in, so I can connect with others and see what their workarounds are for these scenarios. As the group continues to grow, I believe it will become a valuable resource! My goal is that it will gain many members and we will eventually have our own table at Pantheon and even be able to host Service Titan events right here in Canada!  


Please share this group with other Canadian users you may know. Never hesitate to reach out via a comment or a private message if you have questions for me. I look forward to connecting with you and meeting new Canadian users! 


Khiana Klatt
CSR ServicePlus Heating and Cooling