Resolved! New Marketing Pro Templates Released!

Did you know that with Marketing Pro we make templates specifically designed for the trades with strategy in mind? Well, now you do! For all those attending our SOLD OUT Marketing Summit in Austin, we can't wait to see you next week! If you are inter...

Cost-effective upgrades to decrease bills (1).png 4X6 HVAC Spring Allergies HEPA Filters - FRONT.png Unsold Estimate Jammed Door - Front.png Ongoing Pest Control Services Special Offer.png
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Please Upvote - Multiple BU on Techs have technicians that are assigned to certain business units, however when it gets busy we pull them to help with overflow. For example we may have a service tech help a day on install...

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Customer Payment Terms

Hello Ladies,Would you mind sharing what your payment terms are for your customers, both residential and commercial? Do you collect payment at end of service, do you charge a fee before dispatching a tech, do your commercial customers have 30 days to...

Check out this line-up for the Austin Marketing Summit!

They all are giving their time to come and speak with you, teach you, and learn with you about marketing in the trades. This event is not to be missed. 퐒퐩퐞퐜퐢퐚퐥 퐓퐡퐚퐧퐤 퐲퐨퐮 퐭퐨 퐨퐮퐫 퐒퐩퐨퐧퐬퐨퐫퐬 퐚퐧퐝 퐏퐫퐞퐬퐞퐧퐭퐞퐫퐬 Brianna Skiffington, CPO, Adleverage (LadyTitan) ...

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Permits Questions/Thoughts

Happy Friday Ladies! I have created a PDF for a mechanical permit with smart fields and it is great and efficient but would be better, 1 - The ability to attached to projects. Sometimes installs have gas, plumbing, mechanical for different phases of ...

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Let's do lunch Idaho LadyTitans!!

Any LadyTitans that are in around the Boise Idaho area, let's get together!! Starting tomorrow April 7th I will be having a local LadyTitans lunch get together the first Friday of every month. Tomorrow join me anytime from 11am - 12:30pm for lunch at...

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Personal Development

I don't know about you, but I am constantly on a "Be Better" journey. I am always looking at ways to better myself personally and professionally. Books and Events are my thing I just love a good expo and a solid book that can grow your mindset!!! Wha...

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Wednesday WINS!

Ladies, Hope you all are doing well! This time of year is such a transitional period with the changing of seasons and the constantly unexpected weather patterns. I thought it would be fun to share our wins from this week and encourage others to keep ...

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How did you get into this role?

Good morning Lady Titans!I remember in a recent meeting I was in, someone mentioned how, as ladies, we typically don't grow up thinking we will go into the trades. It typically isn't our goal or our dream but yet here we are. I believe, as women, we ...

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