Dynamic Pricing and Inventory / Purchasing

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Dynamic Pricing is great -  the idea I would think is that you can link the cost of inventory items to the sale price of a flat rate.  When the price of materials change, the sale price of a flat rate changes.  Since pricing is constantly changing - this is amazing.    Except it not set up to work -  i need it fixed or a work around?  

The problem - the pricebook dynamic price is based on the cost of the primary vendor chosen in inventory.   Why?   I would think the price would be the highest price of active vendors for that part.   The whole idea is to price jobs for the changing cost of parts.   We are going to base our price on the worst case scenario.    Some may do average.  It would not be too hard to have the option in inventory to choose cost based on highest, average or primary.   

As of now - the update inventory cost is for the vendor you are recieving the PO for.   If its not the primary vendor, it has no effect on the dynamic pricing.    Even it it should.    We have dynamic pricing that is FIXED - based on primary vendor - NOT VERY DYNAMIC  -  Yes, if that vendor price changes - it changes the dynamic price.

If i choose my primary vendor as the highest price - to make sure i'm covered in my sale price.   I'm not being told by the systme to replenish my inventory with the highest price vendor.  Thats not very smart.    Would not we also want Dynamic Replenishment -  Replenish by Cheapest Cost or Primary ? 

I need help with a work around - anybody ? 

I need ST to look at this fix -  its not that complicated.   If you do this fix - you have one hell of self adjusting flat rate system based on actual cost.    Right now - you are close - but i can't make it work.  HELP 


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Hi @mwh6639 - Welcome to Community and congrats on your first post! 🎉

I've had an opportunity to connect with the product manager for dynamic pricing, and while she doesn't have a specific work around for you, she would love for you to submit this suggestion on the Ideas board, as it would certainly enhance the experience of dynamic pricing. By adding your suggestion to the Ideas board, it will help us track the number of folks who would benefit from adding an enhancement like this and where this might fall on the priorities list.

If you do create an idea, be sure to come back to your post, add the idea ID (COMMUNITY-I-xxxx), and ask others to support your idea.