Selling Equipment Best Practices

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What are the best price book practices for selling equipment installations like a water heater or A/C?

Currently, we have a task covering the total labor, materials, and equipment price run through dynamic pricing.
The Equipment is attached through the task, as well as the materials. 

The problem is when the technician adds the task, it will auto-populate a $0.00 equipment (We have all the job costing through the task itself). Some techs will delete the equipment because it confuses the customer, they think we're doubling the task. 
The other challenge is the technician cannot sell the task as the equipment is serialized and still allocated to our main warehouse and not their individual van. 

1. Is best practice to sell a "install" task, then add the equipment with a price attached to it? 
2. If tech's add serialized equipment, how do they closeout if the equipment is in our warehouse and get's delivered to the job?


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

Hi @nik_lawh - you can use item groups to create a package of services/tasks that appear as a single line item on the customer invoice.