Customers not confirming appts until the last minute


This is not really specific to the Chimney Industry or ST, in particular.  Sometimes, customers will just not confirm no matter how many times we send out advanced Booking Confirmations (whether automated or customized text and/or email and or voicemail!  1 month, 2 weeks, 1 week, etc. ) Then, the day before they will THEN text and say cancel - because they won't be home. (again, they've even opened emails that went to them, so we KNOW they were aware!)    Of course, it is extremely frustrating, especially in the Summer.  Although, we have a very high volume of customers who are pre-scheduled annually, it's hard to put them in at the last minute.   

My question is what type of message do you compose to send out? (via text - because overall, that is typically the BEST way to reach people these days)  We have hesitated to include "all unconfirmed appts will be cancelled", although I personally have 2 doctor's offices who do this.   

Sometimes, people are just rude, I get that - but what does your office send out as notifications?  


ServiceTitan Certified Provider
ServiceTitan Certified Provider

This is frustrating!  I do think there is a subset of the population out there that is just very disorganized.  I will also say, I know for myself, I get overwhelmed by all the texts, emails, and phone calls we receive in today's world. I know one chimney company that had such an issue they went to charging every customer upfront.  My vet's office just started taking a deposit on every appointment.  We do have in our confirmations that failure to cancel within 24 hours will result in a $50 cancellation fee.  We instituted that about 4 years ago and that has helped a lot.  Just the threat of it. We collect it when we can and it we can't we mark their file and the next time they call in we tell them we either need to collect that cancellation fee or they can pay for the upcoming appointment 100% non-refundable.