New Construction Estimates - Suggestions Welcome

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Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas to share of how one could reduce the amount of time it takes to create on estimate for new construction jobs? We currently use estimate templates/proposal templates for our change out jobs, but I am unable to edit the price of individual items/services/equipment. If I want to show the equipment included, I cannot change the price to zero either. We do have a few generic terms, such as "Ductwork" and "As Agreed" but until the price change ability is granted, any template created would still require a lot of editing in the actual estimate.

Any thoughts? I have already submitted this as an idea, since ST Support suggested it.


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I use Item Group and just list what will be done for the job as tasks (no specific price for each task, just an overall job total); this way I just have 1 price, and we have wiggle room for taking $$ off if a customer isn't happy with the total cost given. Does that make sense?