Contributor II

For those that were able to attend July's Monthly Meeting, rumor has it, the meeting was fantastic and Dave Rothacker of Go Time rocked the house! Thank you Dave for taking the moment to speak with us about your favorite book, "Art Of Impossible" by Steven Kotler.

You will receive an email with all the goods Friday and it will take you directly to the video on our LadyTitans YouTube page. Dave will also be doing a drawing and giving away 5 different books! You can check out Dave's Book Recommendations by clicking below. 

Stay tuned,  will have more details on LadyTitans Community Group and our Facebook page .

Ps We started a TikTok and will be reposting and sharing YOUR company's content, our goal is to help promote women in the trades, let's do this together! 

Follow us @LadyTitanswmninthetrades

Tons of light and love,

Sarah Ghirardo