Pantheon ‘23: The Next Stop on Your Journey to the Top

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Greetings Titan Community!

We’re pleased to announce that Journey to the Top is the official theme for Pantheon 2023!

It just makes sense. Every contractor knows that reaching the highest levels of success is only possible through hard work, determination, and by acting with purpose when opportunities arise. Well, what bigger opportunity is there than Pantheon?

In fact, one of the best ways to keep your journey to the top on track is with the training, tools, and insights available at Pantheon ‘23.

The Pantheon agenda will include 70+ breakout sessions across five learning tracks (think residential versus commercial) and six session categories, including product training, business training, business development, Pro Products, fintech and feature releases. Register Now.

Keep an eye out for updates on specific titles and topics for breakout sessions. And keep in mind that being a top monthly user in terms of engagement in the Community could earn you a FREE trip to Pantheon.  Visit this post to learn more.*

*Pantheon 2023 tickets are for the event admission only—Lodging, travel expenses and all other costs are not included


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We are thinking of going to Pantheon. Please talk to me about the breakout sessions. When do you find out what they are about, and how do you register for the ones you want to attend? Also, how many people from your company do you usually send? 


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Hi @Jodi  - The team is working hard on creating the agenda. As soon as we have those ready to go, we will update the website and make an announcement here. We are aiming to have the agenda completed by the end of May. We will be launching an attendee hub closer to the event where the attendees can pre-select which sessions they will want to attend, the sessions will have "tag" associated with them which will help breakdown which sessions are relevant to each company. 

We normally see 2-3 people attend from each company - we recommend sending your ServiceTitan admin since we will have onsite training and a decision maker to learn more about our product features and pro-products. 


Please let me know if you have any additional questions. 

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Sounds exciting!

Miranda Hufford, Office Manager @ Red Barn Service, LLC

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

Sooo Exciting!!!!