We need help setting up our pricebook!

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Our company has been using Service Titan for several years now. We have not had a price book that is fully integrated with our company. Can anyone recommend how and where to start? We have talked to our corporate office about helping us set up our pricebook but It has not progressed.


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Hi Alexxa, I just wanted to chime in and say that the price book is an ongoing life form and always being tailored based on holes and suggestions, so I understand how it can feel overwhelming and daunting-- because it actually is, especially in the very beginning. Someone in the company, I believe, ought to be taking the price book lead and really owning it as their responsibility. There are great pre-packaged price books out there, but they are not absolutely necessary. Price Book Pro is really impressive and something to highly consider since you are "all-in" with ST already, there's only upside there. If you want to start slow and keep it in-house, you can start anywhere and get right in to the price book area of ST and start creating tasks from scratch starting with your most common ones.

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I feel your pain. Aire Serv is undergoing a new pricebook change with Service Titan.

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I don't recommend using their pricebook. With the amount of editing that you will need to do you might as well just build one yourself. If you need any help let me know. It is also easier to do it in the excel spreadsheet form.

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Hi @Joseph Kline?

Can you please let me know how you did your own pricebook? We currently have pricebook pro, but are constantly editing things. Also, is your company a Time & Material, or flat rate by job?

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I have a plethora of experience dealing with the Price Book in Service Titan. If you or anyone else would like some pointers please let me know. Once you get the hang of it, it can be built up rather quickly.