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“Thank you for calling the Servicetitan CSR Dispatcher Group. How can we assist you today?”

“Oh, you’d like a resource for CSRs, dispatchers, and their managers? Well you have called the right place! This is the group for you!” 

“Our moderators, Angie Snow and Conner Wilkinson have been waiting for you to join! They are anxious to have you share your knowledge, experience and best practices with the group. They are also looking forward to your questions and suggestions.”

“Now, did you say you’d like to interact with other CSRs and dispatchers? Wonderful, this community is going to be filled with CSRs and Dispatchers who are striving to deliver an amazing customer experience, all while meeting customer needs, and setting up their technicians and team for success. You can chat with them on the Hotline, our discussion board.”

“I understand that you’d like to learn more about ServiceTitan, is that right? Wonderful! Conner is a ServiceTitan training specialist and a product expert. He leads our CSR 101, CSR 102, Dispatcher and CSR Manager Bootcamps. He’ll be sharing fun tips and tricks in this group and on The Blog that will help you level up on ServiceTitan and more effectively utilize the platform.”

“We know that Customer Service is important to you, that’s why Angie Snow, HVAC business owner, CSR coach, and founder of the 7 Star CSR program will be here to moderate as well. She is excited to share some information that will help you improve your soft skills, booking rates, and your overall confidence on the phone.”

“Do you prefer mornings or afternoons? When is the best time for you to check in to the Community? Great news for you! This group is open 24/7 so you can check in anytime that is convenient for you.”

“Before you leave, be sure to invite your co-workers who help answer phones. Everyone is welcome here!” 

“Thanks so much for calling into the ServiceTitan CSR Dispatcher group! We can’t wait to serve you now and in the future!”