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Hi friends,

We had a wonderful Lunch and Learn last week and had a really fun training session on the DISC model. As a Certified DISC Consultant for the John Maxwell method, I shared images and graphics from his program.

The idea behind the DISC model of behavior has been around for almost 100 years. William Moulton Marston, a physiological psychologist, introduced this idea in 1928 and focused on observable behaviors of others. When observing these behavioral expression of emotions, they could typically be categorized into one of four areas: 

D - Decisive, Direct, Dominant, Results driven

I - Influential, Persuasive, Relationship driven

S - Steady, Supportive, Easy-going, Agreeable

C - Compliant, Conscientious, Accurate, Detail oriented



You'll notice from the quadrant that D and I styles are more outgoing, while S and C tend to be more reserved. Additionally, D and C styles are more task focused, while S and I styles are more people focused. Just by looking at the chart, and with the small amount of information I have provided, you might immediately know which of the four styles you fall into. Perhaps you are strong in two or three of the areas.

There are many free and paid options to participate in DISC assessments to get more thorough understanding of your own behavioral style, and the styles of those you work with. We have really enjoyed investing in this insight at our company. I noticed that our CSRs are mostly S's but also have strong D, C and I characteristics based on the CSR. 

During our lunch and learn it was fun to see the different styles just in our meeting. We talked about communication strategies to help you connect with each of the four behavioral styles, whether it's a co-worker, customer or a family member. Here are a few:

D - Be brief, direct and to the point; Focus on results, problems and outcomes

I - Allow time for socializing; Don't do all the talking; Don't ignore their ideas

S - Create a friendly tone; Minimize potential for confrontation; Show interest in them as a person

C - Provide all the details; Be very specific; and Use validated facts

Oftentimes, people will ask, “What style is best?” The answer, of course, is…YOURS!  You are gifted with strengths that, when used, contribute to the work and lives around you. When we take the time to communicate and connect with others through their style instead of ours, we build the bridge to successful work and relationships.

Please comment below and let me know what your style is, and how that's helped you excel in your current role!

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I love the DISC profile and to see how I have changed over the years.  In my early career I was an I-S, as I moved into more supervisory roles, I changed to become a high C.  Learning more about peoples personalities is huge in helping to learn the best way to address problems, provide feedback and also to help provide the best encouragement!  

ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

It is so interested to dig into these tests! I am an S/C. 


I took the DISC Assessment when I first started at my current company in 2019. A major life change happened a year later, and I re-took the DISC about a year after that.(2021)It didn't change that much, but I do think the more current one is more accurate/better, which I find very interesting,  given the life change.  (the change was I became single again after 7 years & he moved out of my house).  I'm more I/C than anything.

I  -81


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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

This was still probably one of my fav meetings/get togethers I have been a part of. I was told by people that I was an obvious I and when I took the test...yeah, I am an I. 🙂 

I was told with my personality that I can come off as a bit of a "push over" especially being in a management role. I am optimistic and try my best to be understanding. I find the positives when others can't. I take pride in that. Most heart warming thing ever was a girl I used to manage years ago...she told me that her New Years resolution was to be more like me (positive and finding silver lining) ...and I almost cried. 

After taking the assessment and mentioning to a coworker that someone had said that it makes me look like a push over or soft...they laughed at me. I was informed that I am the nicest jerk they ever met. Haha. That I am fair, despite some situations being hard (meaning no matter what I do, I am not going to make everyone happy no matter how hard I try) and that my empathy and desire to find compromises makes me the best manager this company has had. 

I may come off a bit ditzy or silly...But I love my "I" personality. 🙂

Now if only I can get others here to take the test just to see where they stand...