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I came across this article today that has an 18 minute podcast attached to it.

It is titled: 

Sales Objection Handling: 8 Responses to the “I’m Not Interested” Objection

I thought that I would share it with this group in case others find the information to be useful/valuable. It offers 8 responses you could try out when making cold calls and a client says they are not interested. This is always hard to overcome. What phrases do you use to get around this objection that you have found to be successful?


Khiana Klatt
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This is a great resource and the PERFECT place to share this! 

When we are trying to book calls in our shoulder season, and a customer is not interested, I make sure to:

1 - Thank them for being a valued customer. Because 1) gratitude is a people magnet - and will encourage them to welcome your call again, and 2) you are building on a relationship that already exists. 

2 - Show them that you care for them because you're letting them know about a special offer. (Mindset is that you're here to serve)

3 - Share one or two value points of the offer and why it's a good choice for them (it will save you time, money, give you a peace of mind, help you get ready for summer, etc)

 I am anxious to see what others are using to overcome objections.