National Customer Service Week is Next week!!

Did you know next week is National Customer Service Week (Oct. 3-7)? And we are celebrating YOU!! This year's theme is "Because You're Essential" - and you all are! We have put together a list of 21 ideas on our Titans & Friends blog that you can cho...

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Resolved! Permit Process

Good morning everyone! I am looking to re-vamp my permit process in ST. Honestly our process is not very good right now, and I need it to be streamlined. I am moving to a call-by-call management process that I believe will help with this, but I am lo...

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Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to the CSR Group! Please take a moment to introduce yourself! Tell us your name, company, where you are located, and your primary role in your company. Also welcome to share a fun fact about yourself!

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Dispatch Notifications - Scripts

One of my favorite features in ServiceTitan is dispatch notifications! Having the ability to automatically send a dispatch notification to a customer, with an attached bio, expectations, and other important information can really elevate the customer...

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Resolved! Welcome to the CSR Dispatcher Group!

Hello and welcome to the ServiceTitan CSR/Dispatcher Group! Whether you are a CSR, Dispatcher, CSR Manager, or wear some combination of those hats, we are so excited to have you here. This is a place where all of these roles can come together to shar...

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