A Question to ServiceTitan Users!

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After being on ServiceTitan for the time since you have gone live. Do you feel that shops that are currently using no software to manage their workflows are missing out? 


ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

I would add a question to Jordan's Question.  All you Titans that have been on the software for 1 year,  2 years, 3 years, etc, Have you continued to embrace adding new features and automations to your standard operating procedures?  I find that people join service titan and that has a lot of their focus during go live and shortly after, and then once they are live, they stop adding features and keeping up with all the cool enhancements Service Titan releases.  I can tell you on the 6 years I have been on Service Titan, keeping up with the changes and continually improving by implementing everything ST offers has been a huge.  Titan Advisor is a huge resource to understand what other features you can utilize to improve your business.  Also, highly recommend watching Blue Collar Nerd's video and signing up for every ST webinar you can.  Even if you cant catch them live, the fact that you register means they will send you the recording and then you can watch it later when you have time.  You can can also watch it at a faster pace if you can keep up.  That being said, Tom Howard talks fast so have to only watch him at 1.25x, lol whereas I can normally catch the rest of the speakers on recording at a faster pace.  @thoward Love the excitement you bring to all things titan!!!! #ThanksTom 🙂

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I can definitely see how they would be missing out to assist with some of their daily tasks. It does help make many of the things we do more efficient and faster so we can focus on other things. 

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