Garage Door Insulation DIY Failure

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Happy Friday Eve everyone! I was in Lowes yesterday after work and in the return are I was seeing the DIY garage door insulation kits in a return pile and asked why are there so many of these being returned half opened? Living in Southern California and seeing so much waste in a home center I asked the customer making the return what happened and the answer was she could not find an insulated garage door anywhere and the lead time is 8 to 12 weeks. Are you all seeing this type of lead time in other areas of the country? Funny enough when they opened the door after insulating with the cut in place foam half of them fell out. The instructional video made it look easy but the end result is hire a professional!



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it depends on the manufacturer Wayne Dalton is 20-30 weeks!  others are 6-12.  there's a couple that are less than 6.