Selling Estimates - POS

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Doe anyone have ideas about selling estimates on POS?  For example, we are primarily a service and install company, but we do have a number of sub-dealers who buy doors over-the-counter from us.  Typically they get an estimate from us.  Then, when their customer approves it, they order the door.  The only way i can figure out how to process the estimate is to turn it into a "job" and then click "dispatch" "arrive" and "complete" in order invoice it.  Is there a simpler way to crank out Furnish-only jobs?


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This is one of our problems too!  I believe we've found a work-around but it is frustrating.

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There is a way to turn on building estimates from the office. It shows up on the call screen, you have to have your CSM or CSM team turn it on for you

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We wholesale to other door companies and parts OTC.  We had a backend feature that they turned on for us so that we can create just an invoice for the customer.  We can not just process an estimate into a invoice.  We mark the estimate as sold and copy everything to an invoice.