Simple question of Average Ticket isnt so simple

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ServiceTitan Certified Administrator

How does your company calculate average ticket.  I was asked this question recently and while it may seem like a very simple question, it turns out there is quite a lot more that goes into it.  When trying to benchmark yourself against others, it is important that you are comparing apples to apples.  Let me give you an example here of what I am talking about.

You go out on a service call for a new motor.  While on the job and after installing the new motor, you sell the customer a door.  After the door install, the customer calls you because their door isnt closing and that new motor is just blinking (safety eyes).  You re-explain the simple fix to the customer and they decide to buy the extra remote and keypad that they had turned down on the initial sale and the install job.  All of these factors go into answering the question of what is my average ticket.  Let me give you some numbers here and assume your dispatch fee is $50 and therefore you sold threshold is $50 on your job types.  Lets assume all of these jobs are in the same project.  The total you got for that customer was $2280 and took 3 jobs to complete.

Job 1 (Service call for the motor) - Motor Install for $500

Job 2  (Door Install) - Door Install for $1600

Job 3 (Callback Job) - Keypad and extra remote for $180

Would you calculate your average ticket at $2280?  ($2280/1 large opportunity of the project)

Would you calculate your average ticket at  $1050? ($2100/2 main opportunity jobs and exclude the callback job)

Would you calculate your average ticket at $760? (2280/3 jobs since they all passed your sold threshold?)

Seems to me there is no simple answer to what seems like an easy question of what is your average ticket.  Service titan has an opportunity job average but in my mind, that hurts companys and techs that sell something on a job where they also sell an additional estimate to perform work later.  Really wondering how everyone calculates the simple question of what is my average ticket as when you dig into the underlying factors in that discussion, it can be much more complicated than you think.  Hope to get lots of feedback and see what the industry standards appear to be.  

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average ticket at $2280. Tech did a great job turning an opener into a door job and more. When I view a snapshot of that tech performance it should reflect that they are able to get a high ticket value out of service calls.