Resolved! Personality testing!

Hey Lovely LadyTitans! I am new around here, but learning how amazing of a resource we have here isn’t this group and community as a whole! In the monthly meeting yesterday we briefly touched on the personalities of employees and how we could test fo...

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Resolved! Temperature Check: How are you doing?

This post is simply a reminder to slow down and be mindful. Time flies and we get caught up in the whirlwind. Many times when people ask how we are doing and we give a fast and generic answer. Take a breather from the day to day hustle and truly stat...

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Resolved! 2023 Goals!!!

What's your 2023 Goals???I am all about goal setting, mapping, and obtaining!! What is your goals for your company that you want to achieve??Mine:Team building (admin)Marketing Grow FB and Instagram by 3k followersMonthly analysis for ROI Budget anal...

Dispatch Metrics?

Hi All!I have been struggling for a while to find KPI's for our dispatcher.I know that we have the CSR scorecard which I still think is useful but I feel as if a dispatcher should have other performance indicators.I have tried the legacy dispatch per...