New Leadership Role

Hi there! Liz here from Redlands and Henry Bush Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning. I have newly stepped into a title of CSR and Dispatching Supervisor and to be honest with you it is exciting but also daunting. I want to be sure that my team feel...

Custom Fields when scheduling...

I am really not sure how I missed out on this for so long...but in a Spark Session today, I learned I can make custom fields required for scheduling! HOLY COW this is a game changer! What are some of your favorite custom fields that are required when...

dmbueno by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Marketing Pro Auto Campaign Advice

Okay, I am trying to get better at getting back into communities and not relaying so much on Facebook. haha (which I will probably post this on Facebook well)I am currently working on utilizing our Market Pro more. I love how much we can do...just ne...

dmbueno by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Office space set up

Hello fellow Lady Titans! I hope everyone is doing well! We currently have on average 2-3 office staff in our office at one time but in the near future, this will be growing to 3-4. We are going to be bringing in another desk and are thinking of usin...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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CSR/Dispatcher Titles

Happy Holidays, Ladies!I need to hire for 2 positions for our office. One will be a CSR role and the other will have additional responsibilities like collections, entering vendor invoices, overseeing our maintenance programs etc. while answering phon...

Resolved! Snow Managment

Good Morning!Any of you use service titan for snow management? We currently are using memberships for our monthly snow contracts, but we do have customers that will pay per the storm. Looking to see how everyone uses ST to help track time etcThank yo...

AG by New Contributor II
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