Performance pay questions for garage door companies

Hello Everybody,I was looking for some advice on switching to performance pay. We have Installers, Service Techs, and some of the installers are Hybrids. Paying the service techs is easy enough with commission and Sold-by rates. But how do you pay yo...

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Outside Sales

Happy Friday!! We are starting up an outside sales team and would love to get insight into how you manage this in Service Titan. We have tried the 'Leads' process, but it is not working too well for us. I would like to know your process from start to...

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Doesnt seem like much activity in here.

I usually go straight to facebook service titan masterminds group but Id like to come here more often to contribute. I wish the format was a little better structured. If I click on "see more" then click on a result and then use my back button in the ...

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Pricebook Setup for Garage Door Co.

Team - When I set up our Pricebook, I tried looking ahead to inventory. Because of the nature of garage doors being a combination of many parts, I worked under the premise that you have to inventory all of the parts that make up a door, not the whole...

What information would you like to see? 🤔‌

Hello Garage Door Titans! As this group continues to grow and evolve I want to make sure that we stay centered on information that would be valuable to you and your business. Some of the topics we plan on covering in the future include job costing, t...

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Selling Estimates - POS

Doe anyone have ideas about selling estimates on POS? For example, we are primarily a service and install company, but we do have a number of sub-dealers who buy doors over-the-counter from us. Typically they get an estimate from us. Then, when their...

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Adding Doors to Pricebook

I am at a stand still currently while I rack my brain trying to figure out how to enter doors into my price book. I know the door model goes under equiptment and the installation is considered a service but do I have to enter every door size/color/op...