Follow Up Tag

Good morning! Today I had a client that I was booking that had a follow up tag on her. No one in the office added this tag to her profile. Does any one know how this tag is automatically added on? What it is used for?Thanks in advance!Miranda

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Resolved! Tips from a CSR

Earlier this year, I was asked to be a guest blogger for the Torch Network group. I thought I would share here, with other fellow CSRs, the post I created. I hope many of you can find it helpful! Tips from a CSR!Khiana Klatt, CSR/Dispatcher, ServiceP...

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CSR/Dispatcher Meet & Greet - Register for March 23rd!

Hey AMAZING Call Center friends, We had an incredible call last month! It was fun to get to see so many of you up close and personal and learn more about you and your companies (even if it was virtually). I want to make sure we create momentum with t...

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Check Out 'The Blog' Next Week! We Have a Guest Writer!

We have a special blog post writer! On Tuesday(3/7/23), keep an eye out for a new blog post on 'The Blog' from one of very own CSR/Dispatcher Group members. You are in for a treat from @Zakw! Zak is a head dispatcher for Eagle pipe and mechanical in ...

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CSR / Dispatcher GROUP: Meet & Greet TODAY!!

I'm so excited to see all of you in 1 HOUR!! (11:30 am PT / 2:30 pm ET) Join us by registering here. It will be a virtual zoom meeting where we will all get a chance to meet and learn more about each other! Can't wait to see you soon!!

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REGISTER NOW: CSR/Dispatcher Group - MEET & GREET next week!

We are so excited to host our FIRST Meet & Greet in this group! We have over 250 members and we'd love the chance to meet each of you! Please save your spot by registering for the event here. It will be a virtual zoom meeting, next Thursday, Feb. 23,...

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Managing your Recurring Services from your Schedule Tab

Hey Dispatchers! Let's share some tips on how you manage your recurring services? Where do you go to easily track your recurring services, and what tips and tricks can you share with others. Also wanted to share a quick video with one of our training...

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