Invoice Hub Review - Hold Status

What are some reasons for the HOLD status in the review section of the AR Hub? Working on utilizing the review status, and process. Who reviews invoices in your office - is it a Service Manager, CSR/Dispatcher, or someone in your Business Office?

Tonia0079 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Customer payment not aligning with Quickbooks customer file

So when we loaded the first go at our customer list into ST we had some issues. So the QB file was cleaned up and when we went live the old QB file was loaded into ST. Now I have credits on payments under customer files because it did not have an inv...

Teresa by New Contributor
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Paid Invoices vs Credited Invoices

On the customer account page, whenever an invoice is credited in full, it shows as "Paid" rather than "Credited". When we write off an account and send it to collections, it does not show that we "Credited" that invoice, it shows it as "Paid". It mak...

Pd vs Credit.jpg
dwhite45 by Valued Contributor
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A/R Reporting

Hi all, We are attempting to pull accurate reporting for the customers we have actually billed and what they currently owe, as of now it shows balances of jobs that are currently open and pending further job scheduling. What reports do you use so tha...

Resolved! AR Management page unresponsive error

When I go to the AR Management section of the Accounting page to enter checks I get this Page Unresponsive error after every single check. Waiting just gives me the error again so I have to hit the Exit button each time I enter a check. This has been...

Accounting Page Unresponsive.png
HHertziger by New Contributor II
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AR report

Customer credits are not listed in the AR report in ST, but they are in QB, which makes reconciling a pain. Is there a way to add credits onto the AR report?

bob1549 by New Contributor
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Monthly Statements

The monthly customer statements include invoices that have not been finalized and exported yet - these are pending invoices that have work to be completed in the future. Needless to say this is not what the customers want, or should be seeing. We wou...

dgagne by New Contributor
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Resolved! Accounting Module Best Practice Question

I was looking for a best practice method and wondered if anyone could assist with this accounting module question. I'm trying to develop a good workflow to follow as a newer ServiceTitan user. I've been told the best practice is to batch daily for in...

hannahpope by New Contributor II
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