Past Due Balance (feature request)

The e-mail template in ServiceTitan for invoices is just a generic, blanket "This is your invoice"-style template. What if there was a way to change that text (via a preset template) based on the AR status of the invoice? If the system knew automatic...

Customer A/R History

Here's the scenario:Customer calls in for service. They're wanting to discuss pricing and get a better rate. As a bsiness we want to review the actual A/R history of that customer to determine what we want to do next -- see how much they've spent wit...

ridstein by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Dumb question of the day!

Can anybody explain to me what the "Allow AR?" checkbox does in the Customer settings? I can't seem to find much info about it. (yep, this seems like a pretty embarrassing question.)

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LeonWright by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Accepting Apple Pay

I've reached out to the Payment Team about being able to accept Apple Pay in ST. The response was that we can accept Apple Pay with the chip readers out in the field. What I am wanting to do is accept Apple Pay / or have the customer be able to pay u...