Payment Terms on Interest/Late Fee Adjustments

I am having an issue with the charging interest process. When I am charging interest there are customers that are showing up, pre-selected as late, even though they are not due based on their payment terms. I am told by Support that "The outstanding ...

NicoleMZ by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Bulk Emailing Invoices to Customer

Hi, it would be awesome if there was a way to send a customer all of their invoices at once, vs having to go into each invoice and emailing it. I have a customer who wants all of their 2022 invoices, so that would be helpful. Thanks!

LuST by New Contributor
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Auto Attach

It would be great if the PDFs that are attached to equipment could be sent as an attachment along with the estimate/proposal in the email. A lot of our customers like to have the manufactures brochures to look through when deciding which equipment th...

LisaHVAC by New Contributor
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Payment Collections & Refunds HELP!!

Hello All, Before payment collections got turned on, my workflow for refunds and move payments, I had to create two fake Payment Types in ST. If we needed to move a payment, we called it Transfer Payment since the move button broke and never got fixe...

iguerrer by New Contributor
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Exporting Different Forms of Payment Methods for Bills

We need to have different options for exporting payments from Bills to Quickbooks. Currently the payment options we have are:Paid through Service TitanPaid through Accounting SoftwarePrint CheckNon Check Payment(if don't click box for Print Check)We ...

DPereida by New Contributor
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Resolved! PO workflow

I am confused about the Bill that are created with PO. After I create a P.O. I receive it, I then create a receipt , then finally a bill. Then this is where I get stuck. What do I do with the bills, I have over 800 and I can’t do anything with them,

kaltec by New Contributor
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Invoice sent thru text

a nice feature to have in Service Titan would be the ability to send an invoice thru text message. We have a lot of customers who either refuse to give us email or just don't have/use email. Everybody seems to use text

smatney by New Contributor
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Signatures from estimate to invoice

Is there a way for signatures from an estimate can transfer to an invoice once the estimate is converted? We are having our customers sign estimates and then sending them the invoice to sign again. I feel we're asking for too many signatures and hone...

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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Can we add the online payment link to an estimate?

I know currently we can only add the online payment link to an invoice and a statement. We do majority Home Warranty Service calls and the Home Warranty customers we work with have to pay the full estimate amount first before we start sourcing, or do...

alyssa_d by New Contributor II
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