Refunding Sales Tax

We have a new customer that is non-taxable but did not let us know until after we created the invoice and exported it. What is the best way to credit back the sales tax on my customer's invoice? Ideally, it would reflect on my Sales Tax report someho...

Resolved! Contractor Sales Tax

We are considered a contractor in Florida. In Florida once a job is over $5,000 you don't need to charge the county surtax, only the state sales tax rate. Many of our larger jobs are well over $5,000. Not charging the surtax on larger jobs can save o...

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Credit Card Fees

For anyone charging a credit card fee, I have a couple questions. 1. Is the fee taxed? (same tax rules that apply to the invoice)2. Is the credit card fee also added to the estimate? Part of our reconciling process is to ensure the estimate and invoi...

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Missouri Tax Jurisdiction

Hey Everyone, We are based out of Missouri, and I had some questions about the tax jurisdiction box for our Missouri customers. When I go to Find Sales and Use Tax Rates on the MDOR website, it gives the city code and the county code but there is no ...

Resolved! Best Report for Texas Sales Tax

In Texas, we pay sales tax on a cash basis - meaning we only pay sales tax when it is collected, not when it is billed.We usually use Quickbooks for all our sales tax reporting, but have been having terrible issues with our file. In the interim, we a...

Sales Tax Breakdown on Invoice

We have had customer requests to show the tax breakdown on invoices with a combined sales tax. Right now it is only showing a lump sum for the 2 different taxes? Thanks

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NY Capital Improvement Process in ST - Advice

We operate solely in NYS, and to comply with NYS capital improvement laws, when a job meets the CI criteria, rather than collecting tax from the customer like on our regular service/maintenance jobs, it is our responsibility to sum the total of parts...

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