Late Fee Notification Emails and Adding Late Fees

I would be nice if ST had a setting for sending a reminder to a customer regarding their invoice due date and adding penalties or fees for them being late automatically. Would anyone else find this feature handy?

donqueli by New Contributor
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Idea: View check numbers from customer page.

Problem: When we add a check number to a specific invoice, ST will let you add the check number but the only way to view the information is to click on the invoice itself. Suggested Solution: Allow the check number to be displayed next to the invoice...

Auto Apply Credits

It would be very helpful to have a pop up or something that asks the dispatcher (or CSR) if they want to apply credits on the account to any open balance when they book a job. We also need to prompt techs in the field there was a payment made against...

jhuck by New Contributor
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Accepting Apple Pay

I've reached out to the Payment Team about being able to accept Apple Pay in ST. The response was that we can accept Apple Pay with the chip readers out in the field. What I am wanting to do is accept Apple Pay / or have the customer be able to pay u...