Do Not Service feature

We had created a tag for "Do Not Service" prior to the button the customer account being available. I have gone through and verified all accounts that had the tag now have the button clicked. While I was doing that, I found a number of accounts still...

seemore by New Contributor III
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Costco Invoice workflow for Service Titan and Quickbooks

My company is a vendor for HVAC equipment being sold through COSTCO. We sell a job for a set amount and the customer pays COSTCO directly and Costco sends us a payment that is 10% less the job. That 10% is for the Costco cash card. Is there anyone in...

generala2 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Tasks No Longer Showing Up On Invoices

We can no longer get tasks to show up on our invoices. All that displays on invoices are the job summary and job total. I have tried every setting and configuration I know of to fix this issue, but nothing is working. We are getting some upset custom...

"Pull" invoices from Quick Books for editing after exporting

Is there a way to "pull" invoices back to ST for editing? We are having a time with NSF's for ACH's due to incorrect account numbers being entered in the field. This would make things much easier if this is possible as opposed to making an adjustment...

eladner by New Contributor
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Customer Credit Balance

My CSR took a check/ACH payment on an invoice that had already been paid. Now my customer is showing a credit that does not really exist. It was batched over to QuickBooks before I caught it and now I can't get rid of the credit in Service Titan. Any...

hwilson_ by New Contributor II
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Loyalty Credits

In our Total Home Care Membership we offer $50 in loyalty dollar credits for each consecutive year they are a member that can be applied to any mechanical replacement. Unfortunately, I discovered we haven't been tracking this and I'd like to go in an...

Resolved! Invoicing Question

Is it possible to go into a customers' account, group up all outstanding invoices, and send them at once?I'm not sure if there is functionality for this yet. I'm stepping into a role here where previous sewer jobs were not associated with projects. A...

Online payment links on "counter sales" no longer available

We are no longer able to send an invoice for products that we ship out to customers for an online payment. We have been able to do this for the last two years, but it seems that after this last update that feature was removed. Customer service was un...

aatlee_h by New Contributor
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Ways to view accountingSystemIds

Is there any way for us to see what customers do not have an accountingSystemID? We export our information to a different accounting program to handle transactions but to do this we need to ensure that every customer has an accountingSystemID that is...

mleahy by New Contributor III
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