Double and triple Maintenance - overbooking issue

Hello, We end up overbooked because our CSRs will book double or triple maintenance, but it only allows them to use one 2-hour window to book the call. We then do not have the space to stretch that call out to 2 windows to give the technician ample t...

lmacneil by New Contributor
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Resolved! Adding new locations - Based in Canada

HowdyI am located near Vancouver, BC, Canada. when i go to either "create a new client" or "add a new location" to an existing client. The search bar never offers address suggestions or auto populates. Are there some canadian titan users

MattJet by New Contributor
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Resolved! Appointments

Is there anyway when you have multiple appointments on a job to move todays appt to the top of the list?

lnorse5588 by New Contributor III
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New customer lead and coversion reporting

Our company receive needs for multiple sources. (, inbound calls, website, Etc.) We also do use an Outsource call center for after hours. We are now trying to integrate leads in service titan into our reporting to monitor the conversion from...

sthiel by New Contributor
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Dismiss Multiple Bookings?

We recently integrated WinGen into Titan for our Costco leads. When we did this it ported 400+ leads into the bookings tab. Our previous process with these leads was managed through the Costco Centah portal so these "new" bookings are old leads that ...

Adding recurring services to accounts

Is there a way to be able to search through our list of recurring services when creating one for an account? We have 30+ different recurring service types and it used to be you could search which one you were looking for, now we have to scroll throug...

Recurring Services

Why are the "recurring services" not listed under the dispatch board in the UNASSIGNED section? This would be EXTREMELY beneficial to see visits due until they are booked!! Also, we could DRAG & DROP in the dispatch board!!!

BJOWA by New Contributor
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Resolved! How do you guys notify your techs of a new Job?

Ive chatted with support on this a few times and have gotten nothing helpful back.I am looking to notify my techs when a job is assigned to them. I was hoping the app would just send them a notification like our previous software did, but this app do...

Razzy57 by New Contributor
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