Call Issues within ST

Hello! We are having issues with the call feature in ST. We are unable to answer the call, it only really alerts us for a very short window, and then we are unable to call out from ST. Our main provider is Zoom VoIP. Is anyone else having these issue...

Call Bubble Issues This Morning

Our CSRs started to experience this issue this morning and it is ongoing. "When calls are coming in the bubble isn’t getting populated on Service Titan right away its delayed. After the call is ended the bubble is still showing green on Service Titan...

jaquelin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Call Glitch

Good morning,I've had two glitches happened on Service Titan regarding calling the customer from the portal. The first time happened yesterday. I clicked on the job, then clicked call customer but Service Titan connected me to another customer. Appar...

AD52 by New Contributor
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Green Call Bubbles

I have one CSR that sees everyones call bubbles on her screen (she has not answered or transferred these calls). We use Phones Pro and no other CSR's nor myself can see all the calls on the job booking screen like she can. Am I missing a setting bein...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Update Glitches Call Booking Screen

Our office users are struggling since the recent update. We're on phones pro and when they update customer info or create a new customer file the page refreshes and the call goes quiet for 10-15 seconds and it's so clunky and unprofessional for us to...

AnnaMcKay by New Contributor II
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No call bubbles populating

I have had a few calls in a row this afternoon where call bubbles have not been populating at all for me. No blue bar at the top of the screen showing I am on a call. No call bubble with the phone number on the call booking screen. Before I take the ...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Active Call Bubble Notification

When you are connected to an active Call bubble and someone takes ownership of it, Service Titan feels the need to notify you on every tab you have open.

lilbrown by New Contributor
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No call bubble or audio recording

I have been having trouble with call bubbles not appearing and calls not recording. Last week tech support blamed it on that call bubble glitch however, it happened again today. I had call bubbles not appearing this afternoon and another 5min call I ...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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