Outbound Calling

Good morning everyone!I am looking for feedback on how early you start your outbound calling? I have a hard time thinking of myself as the customer, I would not like a call or a text at 8am in the morning. I think 9 is still a little too early. Your ...

Calendar / Schedule tab

Right now, when a technician is taking vacation or a day off, I go to the dispatch board and enter a event. This shows on my dispatch board. I also go the technician shift tab and make a day off there. But doing both of these steps does not reflect o...

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Texting a customer

Hello,When we provide services to a customer sometimes we have to contact them via text. I feel as if there should be a, update that allows you to enter and have spaces in between. This would make it look much more professional and not jumbled all in...

Idea post - Ability of customize log templates

Created a community idea, COMMUNITY-I-2937 - Give a vote if you can! When calling out on recurring services in memberships there is a button to log a follow up. Next to that button there is a drop down list of log templates with options like Left mes...

Log templates.png
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CSR dashboard

Just curious in the dashboard under the csr calls....are the number of calls that it logs on there inbound calls? are those the inbound calls that you have done total or is it just the inbound calls that you booked into a job? Thank you!

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Webinar On-Demand: Turn Your Call Center into a Profit Center

In case you missed it, below is a recording of the webinar "Turn Your Call Center into a Profit Center." On this webinar, Principal Industry Advisor Angie Snow explains how you can empower your CSRs to increase their booking rates and dispatchers to ...

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