*Vote for this?* ***BUG*** else notice that when linking a call recording to a job/setting an abandoned call as "a job was booked for this" that the campaign does not update? Specifically schedule engine boo...

snwagner by New Contributor II
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Text / SMS Messages are not being Delivered to Phone

We are not receiving SMS / Text messages at all to our tracking numbers. We set up each of our Sales representatives to have a tracking number and when you create the tracking number ST asks if you want to allow "Incoming SMS" messages. We have this ...

RyanGay by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Marketing Campaign on Job Booking Screen Greyed Out

Hey fellow Titans! We have Marketing Campaign as a custom field on our job booking screen and lately whenever I am booking a call, the box is greyed out and I can't change it unless I book the job and go back in and edit it. Has anyone else dealt wit...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Is it possible to add photos to an estimate? Or can that only be done after the Estimate has been sold?Thank you


We are new to PowerDialer campaigns - do most users just have one campaign at a time, or can you switch between any that you are assigned to?

embowes by New Contributor II
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All The Different Phone Numbers

Interested in knowing what everyone does for their multiple phone numbers as I have not memorized each one. For example: If i leave a message for a client I tell them to call back our "main number" instead of the Google tracking number that they orig...

mirdesch by Contributor II
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Existing Customers as a "Campaign"

when a previous customer calls in using one of our campaign numbers. Is there a setting we can use that when a previous customer calls in, that would automatically change the campaign to "previous customer"?

user_4588 by New Contributor
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Resolved! CSR Downtime

What are your best practices for what your CSRs do when they are not on the phones? Thanks so much for your thoughts!

bfoster by New Contributor III
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