Transferring equipment

Has anyone dealt with this. When we have a existing home we worked in, then it is purchased by a new owner, how can we move the existing equipment from the old owners to the new owner so as to protect the privacy of the old owner but get at least wha...

george_p by New Contributor
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Customer Portal

Is there a customer portal link that I can add to text messages when I send reminders to the customer to be able to click and schedule their own maintenance through that link?

Alupis by New Contributor II
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Fast Customer Search

We have had repeat customers call but through different phone numbers, so their info doesn't populate automatically. I have worked with other systems where you can type the customers name or even their partial name only using a few letters and the sy...

egamby84 by New Contributor III
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No more Customer and Location

Merge these two. It makes it confusing, if you are on the location page the info may be different than the customer page because sometimes someone doesn't click to update it on both pages. I am sure there is a point to this, but I think its more of a...