Text Expander Is anyone currently using this program? Wondering if the return on investment is worth it. Also curious as to how much quicker this process is rather than having a document of templates that the CSR can cop...

michelle54 by New Contributor III
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ST Chat feature.

We use the chat feature to reach our customers extensively. Would find it extremely helpful if there was a feature to select numerous texts at one time to close them out instead of opening each individual text to close.

Assigning Customer Number with less than ten digits

CHAT: We have several vendors, like USPS, UPS, Delivery Systems, Banks who we need to identify other than "Unknown", the only way to add a name to a text chain is to save them as a customer, and the only way to save any number with a customer is the ...

JerryBeck by New Contributor
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Chat group

I have three customers in the same neighborhood that we are wanting to schedule the same day for service. It would be easier if I could group chat them in service titan. Is this possible?

lnorse5588 by New Contributor III
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Texting a customer

Hello,When we provide services to a customer sometimes we have to contact them via text. I feel as if there should be a, update that allows you to enter and have spaces in between. This would make it look much more professional and not jumbled all in...

Text / SMS Messages are not being Delivered to Phone

We are not receiving SMS / Text messages at all to our tracking numbers. We set up each of our Sales representatives to have a tracking number and when you create the tracking number ST asks if you want to allow "Incoming SMS" messages. We have this ...

RyanGay by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Only receiving partial chat messages - help!

Since November 2022, I have had support cases open as I have been having trouble with our ST chat where I only receive partial messages on my work Macbook. They still have not found a permanent solution for this problem and it impacts my workflow dai...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Wish list for chats

Howdy! I Wish that we were able to bulk delete Chat's from the Calls Tab. Maybe we could implement that! I have over a year worth of chats that were never "closed" properly and I need to clean that up in a more efficient way then clicking into each i...

mmadwelch by New Contributor
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Booked calls from Chat report?

Does anyone know of a report or where I can find KPI's for calls booked from Chat messages? This wouldn't be part of an SMS campaign, just regular people texting in to book.

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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