Job Bubble Colors

I think there should be a way to change the color of the jobs on the dispatch board - we are trying to distinguish the completed jobs and the on hold jobs but they look almost the exact same. What are your thoughts?

Dispatch board appearance

The dispatch board is now showing completed calls in a white bubble instead of the blue line and it is very cluttered looking and quite frustrating. Is there a way to change this back? Maybe an option to show the completed calls in the white bubble f...

Dispatch Lagging

Hello Has anyone else been experiancing lagging between the technician's and their Dispatchers. The passed coulpe days our system would almost pause then later it would just zoom through our technician's dispatched jobs all at once. In some cause not...

Patches by New Contributor II
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Dispatch Board Job Pop Out needs.....

Contact info for the customer needs to be added to the Job Pop Out.Add the Customer's Phone# and Email under the Location address.That way it's all 'at a glance' and you don't have to click on the 'Customer' to open ANOTHER window to see it, or click...

LA_Barker by New Contributor III
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Display Hold Reasons on Dashboards display of Hold Jobs

I think everyone agrees with the importance of mandating that technicians select the reason for placing a job on hold; however, when we are on the dispatch screen and look under the "Hold" tab, there is no column showing the reason it is on Hold. It ...

rwagner by New Contributor
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Resolved! Action Cancelled Messages

Is anyone else getting an action cancelled message when trying to move calls around on the dispatch board? One of our dispatchers was getting those messages despite having all her settings set up like normal. As in the same as yesterday where she had...

jaquelin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Feedback needed for Dispatch Pro

Hi Everyone,I’m a UX Researcher, and we’re working to improve our dispatch experience. I am working with product designers, and we’d love to get your feedback on a new experience, specifically related to Dispatch Pro and onboarding settings informati...

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Verifying Address and Job Details Suggestion

It would be great to be able to do more from the new pop up window on the dispatch board. We would like to see being able to verify the Address and sales tax from one window instead of having to go to service location and bill to and also it would be...

dbolte31 by New Contributor
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