Dispatch Texts GPS Tracking

So we integrated Clear path GPS and noticed our dispatch texts now don't have GPS tracking because it only works with Native. Is anyone else having these issues? What are the pros of having clear path integrated if we can't use it for what it is desi...

Newman by New Contributor
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Scheduling jobs with non-inventory parts

Hello All,We just started using ST about 3 weeks ago and were wondering how others were tracking jobs that are awaiting parts before scheduling? Are you using tags when the jobs are booked etc? Thanks in advance!

MML by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Service Zone Colors

Can we get an update to the colors for service zones? As we've expanded our service area, we're running out of colors to choose from and most of the colors look exactly the same on the dispatch board, causing lots of routing mistakes. It would be so ...


is there a way for techs to see all techs dispatch without adding to admin?

jcooley by New Contributor
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End the optimization back at office....

Our techs start at the office and end their day at the office. We are noticing that when we do the optimization, it's taking the techs away from the office instead of closer, no matter where their afternoon jobs are. Is there a way that we can set it...

shannon by New Contributor II
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Preferred Technician

Is there a way to setup a preferred technician for a customer? I thought I saw a place to do this but I cannot remember where I saw it. TIA!

Resolved! Location Name on Dispatch Board/Scheduling Page

Are there any plans to have the location name as an option to have shown on the dispatch board? We have over 2000 locations under 1 large commercial retail customer. Having only the address as an option is becoming a huge problem when our customer re...

lacwilson by New Contributor II
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Commercial Routing

Wondering if there is a GPS maps anyone is using that specifically routes based on commercial road restrictions? Google maps does not give the option to route for a commercial vehicle and we have major highways and roads that our commercial vehicles ...

cfalone by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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