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Opportunities & Estimates status update suggestion

Can the programmers please add in an status update? That is what the word status means anyway. We should be able to look at the status of an estimate and see if the job is scheduled, completed or open. This prevents the extra work hunting the account...

Estimate emails dropped - IDEA

Hey everyone! I have noticed as I do our followups that I have had some customers who aren't receiving our estimates via email. When I go back and check the audit trail it shows that the estimate emails have bounced or been dropped. I created an idea...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Printing Material List

I would love for Service Titan to give the option to print an estimate for back office, warehouse managers and such that included materials and equipment. The customer facing invoice is great, but a few simple options to add materials and remove the ...

Invoices & Estimates SPAM

Is anyone else having a problem where they send a customer an invoice, estimate, or reminder via email and it's getting caught in the junk mail folder? Is there a way to fix this on our end without having to coach the customer through how to add us t...

josh_bab by New Contributor II
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NEW IDEA NEED VOTES: Opportunity dismissal in follow up history

Please vote: COMMUNITY-I-2953 If an ESTIMATE is dismissed, the follow up history will show who dismissed it and when. If an OPPORTUNITY is dismissed, there is no record of it in the follow up history. I need to be able to see who dismissed the opport...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Send estimate quickly

It would be great if there can be an option in the opportunity page (near the sold button) to email an estimate whether there are multiple estimates or just one in the opportunity besides going into the physical estimate to send. Just would be nice t...

Resolved! Duplicating Estimates

Is there a way to duplicate an estimate, then change the service address? This would sure be a timesaver when doing the same work on multiple locations for a client.

tlee5200 by New Contributor II
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Non Job Estimate Attachments

When sending non-job estimates via email to customers, there is no way include any attachments. For us, this would be a nice feature when sending quotes/estimates for a membership to a potential member. As one of the dispatchers, we are the first to ...

emilybur by New Contributor II
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Terms & Conditions - Client Signed with Estimate

I am looking to have our terms and conditions connect to every estimate (terms matching service type). Does anyone know the best way to go about this? just add this link will not allow me the ability to have our clients sign or check that they acknow...