Technician Shifts

Is there a way to create 1 standard shift and add technicians to it? Right now we are creating individual shift per tech.

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[Watch Now] How to Deliver an Incredible Online Booking Experience

On Demand Schedule Engine WebinarHow to Deliver an Incredible Online Booking Experience - WATCH NOWThe majority of home service providers believe that more than 30% of their jobs will be booked through an online scheduling tool over the next three ye...

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SE ability to reschedule existing jobs (ie Install jobs)

Please vote for this idea if you like it and get your friends to upvote it as well!!! COMMUNITY-I-2127 We love schedule engine and have used it for years and are very excited about the partnership with ST. That being said, one factor that would reall...

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Online Booking

We started using Schedule Engine before it was integrated with Service Titan formally and we only had two technicians for capacity. We have added another tech, but the capacity has not changed in our online booking screen to reflect that. What do I n...

Resolved! Long wait times from Schedule arounds

Hey! This is no slam to Schedule Engine as I know that they are experiencing some significant growth, because their system is really good. The problem is that while they are training new call takers the wait times are too long, we have had our custom...

Schedule Engine - Web Booking

We are one month into marketing pro and Schedule Engine. Just wondering if anyone knows how to connect the schedule engine leads into the web booking category in Marketing Pro. I have an awesome Recurring Service Campaign that really encourages peopl...

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Schedule Engine Acquisition

I am curious how many people use Schedule Engine. We are considering setting this up, and we understand that ServiceTitan just acquired Schedule Engine. When we originally looked at this, we had concerns about the call center. Is anyone else willing ...

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