Summer Release

Good morning everyone, I just watched the Blue Collar Nerd video for the Summer 2024 Release. I loved the video! However, I was trying to follow along (as I always do with his videos) and I don't have 1/2 of the features that he was stating that were...

Resolved! In Coming Call Bubble

Good morning Service Titan World!!I need help please. I was trying to see how to send out mass text messages yesterday and created a campaign titled "Spring Time is Here." All the calls coming in, I used to see who it was that was calling in the bubb...


Can someone help me find the link to sign up for the ignite series training group? I can find ember and spark, but not ignite.

Canadian users - network with us! 🦫 🫎 🍁

Are you a Canadian ST user? If so, we want to see you in our Canadian User Group! Please head over to join us there! We would love to meet you and have you join in our conversations and discussions! The more, the merrier!

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Resolved! Merging locations

Hi Guys! Does anyone have any tips on how to easier merge locations? Thank you!

LD22 by New Contributor III
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Vote for the Old version of Service Titan

We are in need of getting more requests from this community in voting for the old version of Service Titan. I have requested numerous times to the customer success manager to please leave the old version open for us to use and they always say that we...

angie123 by New Contributor
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"Recent Update"

Please tell me our company is not the only one that absolutely LOATHES the updated version of Service Titan. I have used this platform for about 8 years, and genuinely knew it like the back of my hand, which made it possible to do my job as well as I...

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Multiple Smart Fields

We have a PDF form that we use which has 3 lines for the customer name and address. Line 1 is the location name so we use LNLine 2 is for the street address & name so we use LASNBut Line 3 is the City, State and Zip so I do not see a code for that. I...

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Is there a next level of the CA program and if not is there one in the works?

AaronHall1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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