Merging locations

Hi Guys! Does anyone have any tips on how to easier merge locations? Thank you!

LD22 by New Contributor II
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Vote for the Old version of Service Titan

We are in need of getting more requests from this community in voting for the old version of Service Titan. I have requested numerous times to the customer success manager to please leave the old version open for us to use and they always say that we...

angie123 by New Contributor
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"Recent Update"

Please tell me our company is not the only one that absolutely LOATHES the updated version of Service Titan. I have used this platform for about 8 years, and genuinely knew it like the back of my hand, which made it possible to do my job as well as I...

BKripp19 by New Contributor III
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Multiple Smart Fields

We have a PDF form that we use which has 3 lines for the customer name and address. Line 1 is the location name so we use LNLine 2 is for the street address & name so we use LASNBut Line 3 is the City, State and Zip so I do not see a code for that. I...

MichelleR by New Contributor II
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Is there a next level of the CA program and if not is there one in the works?

ahall1 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Academy Videos

What videos do you recommend for Customer Service Representatives trying to master Service Titan? What was your personal favorite video or subject that taught you the most?

Academy without Membership?

Hi! I am a bookkeeper/consultant looking to learn ST so that I may promote it and offer it to my clients. Is there a way to do this without any existing clients on ST? (ie no ability to login) Thanks!

Justin by New Contributor
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I've heard a few times from ST users and employees that the term "project" confuses people. Has anyone considered changing the name of either construction projects or install projects. I was perusing my Titan Advisor and noticed we are not getting po...

Screenshot 2023-10-09 144250.png
RandiThompson by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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