Resolved! Lead generation turnover.

I figured instead of reinventing the wheel and spending countless hours creating a solution for something I would come here first.We are wanting to form a best practice for the following situation utilizing what Service Titan has to offer internally....

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Adding reminders

I think it would be nice to be able to add reminders to our daily calendars or a reminder list that shows up on our dashboard. Is this something that can possibly be added to simplify our daily tasks?


Is there a way to let the office know an invoice needs to be billed out for special billing or to let the office know the customer wants a printed copy of the invoice mailed out.

New Year Prep?

I am wondering when everyone here analyzes this year and starts rolling out any new policies and procedures for compliance at the beginning of the new year. Personally, I’m one to look ahead and make the most of my last 90 days if possible. That usua...

Most Improved Award

What would be a better title for "most improved award". Most improved indicates to me you were bad before. This is what I have researched this far. Do any of these sound great? Or any other recommendations? Most progress shownMost growth shownOutstan...

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Chat time response Report

Does anyone know how to pull a report with the average response time on chats? I know it's a feature in Titan Advisor, but I'd love to have a scheduled report so the CSR can see it on a daily basis and make it a goal to lower that number. Thanks all!

Estimate sent to wrong email

We have a commercial customer that called for recommendations and estimates, our tech accidently sent the estimate to the HOA instead, is there a way to keep the HOA from viewing the estimate in the portal now?

CatCoyle by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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