Such a Happy Morning!!

I loved waking up this morning to the news that Phil didn't see his shadow, and we are getting to have our Spring start early this year! That rarely happens I feel like! I live in Utah, so it seems to me I have 75% Winter days, and 25% Spring and Sum...

Bulk edit customer account data

When we imported our customer database from our previous program into Service Titan hundreds of accounts came in with data formatted for the old program that Service Titan is not recognizing. I need to be able to deactivate accounts in bulk so I figu...

seemore by New Contributor II
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Loss of information when batching/exporting.

Does anyone else have loss of information when batching/exporting invoices/payments. The service location no longer creates or matches invoices to that location. It puts everything in the parent company. It doesn't carry over payment terms. email add...

sheilaj by New Contributor II
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Update is cumbersome

The latest update is cumbersome for our office staff. It takes more clicks to verify valid phone numbers or email addresses on accounts, where as previously we could see those things at a glance. Very inefficient for busy days.Ideas?

dayphc_g by New Contributor II
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Estimate sent to wrong email

We have a commercial customer that called for recommendations and estimates, our tech accidently sent the estimate to the HOA instead, is there a way to keep the HOA from viewing the estimate in the portal now?

CatCoyle by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Customer Information Page

I am referring to the area where you enter customers new information. Location and Billing needs more fillable options. I think this is the area where there should be a field to ask additional questions. This gives us a better 'flow'. Example questio...

dups-ccr by New Contributor II
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Typing HotKeys/Shortcuts

So I am unsure if I am using the wrong terms to try to find this, but does ST have a way that we can use typing shortcuts? That way we can just put like a period, colon, dash, etc to then put some letters down, then that would equal and code out to a...

Dawn2Dusk by New Contributor
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Resolved! Real estate company customer/location records

We work with multiple real estate companies and buyers to provide real estate inspections before a purchase. With regard to customer cards and locations, what is the recommended way to keep track of real estate companies with multiple agents who have...