Customer Complaints

Good Groundhog Day! Is there is a feature that we can file customer complaints, communications, etc... Thank you in advance Wendy

WendyG by New Contributor
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Printing invoices

Anyone else having issues with not being able to print off invoices in the office for customers?

klukas by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Proofreading & Editing Customer Names

Any tips for proofreading and editing customer names? My current system is search "4" in the zip code,because all customers' zip code starts with a 4,and go through each page one by one of the search results.Weird thing is, search results display cus...

JenL by New Contributor
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Resolved! Bulk Email

Is there a way to send a e-card to customers in bulk? We want to send Email Christmas cards.

Jeni by New Contributor
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Loss of information when batching/exporting.

Does anyone else have loss of information when batching/exporting invoices/payments. The service location no longer creates or matches invoices to that location. It puts everything in the parent company. It doesn't carry over payment terms. email add...

sheilaj by New Contributor II
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Any help would be appreciated...

Hello all! The whole office has tried to edit a customers account and whenever we go to click on edit contact methods the page reloads and does not open the contact methods. We are unable to remove contact information from the customer page at this t...

sgibbons5 by New Contributor
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Editing Customer Contacts Not available

Is anyone else having an issue when they go to edit a customer's contact information where you click on the blue "Edit Contact Methods" box and then the page automatically refreshes closing you out of the edit customer tab? this does not happen on th...

mleahy by New Contributor III
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Contact Information

Since the new update you can no longer update phone numbers from landline to mobile and vise versa without having to delete the number and readd it to the account - no longer auto updates the location when you correct the customer profile either. Wit...