Invoice Template Layout

We have a bunch of customers who prefer a paper copy of their invoices, estimates, etc. Why in the love of Pete would it ever make sense to have our Logo on the left and our return address on the right of the invoice template? We use standard number ...

Jaredw by New Contributor
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Resolved! Emailing customers invoice/photos/estimates

Does anyone know how I can send a customer an email that contains, the invoice, the photos from that job, and the proposed estimates. The invoice has been closed and exported already. Im trying to put this all into one email if possible. I know how t...

dphilcox by New Contributor II
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Techs sending invoices/estimates

Is there a way to block technicians from emailing invoices/estimates to customers? We currently leave dispatch to proofread invoices or estimates due to techs not spelling correctly or using voice to text, which makes things sound unprofessional. We ...

BrettD87 by New Contributor II
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