Resolved! CSR / Dispatcher

Hi!! We are looking for insight on how others split the roles of CSR/Dispatcher.We are an HVAC / Plumbing / Remodeling Company. Looking for ideas / thoughts on having one person as CSR/Dispatcher for HVAC and another for Plumbing, or having one perso...

Arieckert by New Contributor
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Job Costing PO includes taxes

I have just recently realized that when you pull up job costing, that PO's cost includes taxes. This doesn't seem right to me...if we purchased equipment/materials outside of the job then the cost of the tax on those items would not be included. Has ...

MirandaMel by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Dispatcher Goals

Good Morning,I am not a dispatcher however I am looking for what everyone suggests or follows for dispatchers. Do you have goals such as they need to call 40 customers a day and try to get them booked? We are hoping to add some guidelines and some st...

dianam8686 by New Contributor III
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Payment Terms Field Update Issue: Look at your Invoices!

Recently, there was an update regarding the Payment Terms Field on the Customer Pages. While having payment terms listed on Invoices, along with Due Dates, can be good, there are many of our Customers that this does not apply too. There is no way to ...

Customer Page Payment Term.jpg payment term 2.jpg payment term.jpg
aquamark by New Contributor III
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Please go vote for this!

I think this is a great idea. Everything else is ST can be automated... Why not send out a cancellation text/email automatically after cancellation? VOTE FOR THIS Automated Cancellation

MadisonChicken by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Resolved! Canadian ST group?!

Hey Canadian ST users!Recently, a Facebook group has been made for all Canadian users. I would love to see a ST group created for all Canadian users! Would anyone else be interested in this? Also, if there is interest, how does one go about creating ...

KhianaKlatt by Valued Contributor II
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Software updates

Anytime a update is pushed we have several issues that come up. As a customer I would like the opportunity to opt out or postpone a software update for when we feel we can take on the issues that we have come to know when updates happen.

scotts_c by New Contributor
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OS for desktop / Phones Pro

Does anyone know what operating system is required / recommended or optimal for service titan in general. We currently are using iPad field tablets (mobile app) and office runs our day to day from Mac OS (MacBook Pro) and the phones have been the big...

Landmark1 by New Contributor
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Idea - Fully editable alerts

I do not have access to the 'Ideas' forum. It would be nice if Alerts could be built from the ground up rather than some canned fields. Specifically I support some back office accountants and they would like Project related alerts that include Projec...

TicketMonkey by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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