Transcript for phone calls

If you haven't already, please vote for this idea! It's not my idea, but it would be such a time saver both on the office and field side! Sometimes there are just a few details that you want from a call and you have to listen to the entire thing. Tra...

Miranda by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Send MMS from Office or Mobile App

It would be great as our clients get used to texting us a lot more to be able to send MMS type ( pictures etc) from both the office and mobile chat feature!Please vote for my Idea:

spetrie by Contributor II
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Resolved! Closing multiple open chat threads at same time?

I tried looking for a solution and can't seem to find one.. We message in Service Titan to our customers and it creates a bunch of different threads for each phone number. Is there a way to close out multiple open chat threads? Currently have to go i...

CTAJeff by New Contributor
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