Training Mode Unlocked

Under the team trainings tab, each team members name shows training progress, completion, position, business unit and training mode. All but one of the employees say 'N/A' under training mode and one individual employee says 'unlocked' does anyone kn...

Resolved! Lead generation turnover.

I figured instead of reinventing the wheel and spending countless hours creating a solution for something I would come here first.We are wanting to form a best practice for the following situation utilizing what Service Titan has to offer internally....

tekkrack by New Contributor III
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Adding reminders

I think it would be nice to be able to add reminders to our daily calendars or a reminder list that shows up on our dashboard. Is this something that can possibly be added to simplify our daily tasks?

Team Training

Greetings! Our company just implemented Service Titan last week and welcomed a new receptionist onboard. We're currently looking to assess the progress of their training, but we're unsure about accessing this information post the go-live phase. Any g...

New Year Prep?

I am wondering when everyone here analyzes this year and starts rolling out any new policies and procedures for compliance at the beginning of the new year. Personally, I’m one to look ahead and make the most of my last 90 days if possible. That usua...

Down time

Hello, I work for a growing plumbing company, I was wondering what do your CSR's and Dispatchers do during slow times? Somedays we will take calls all day and sometimes it will be in random burst throughout the day. Do you have a list of things to ke...

Ashrum98 by New Contributor II
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Grouping common tasks and adding to project

Howdy! Our install projects have a consistent list of tasks that the coordinator needs to perform and it would be helpful to add them all at once instead of each task/subtask individually. It's a rather long list of tasks and I don't mind taking the ...

nj1stcho by New Contributor
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