Vendors Disappearing in Price Book

We are seeing our vendors disappearing after we input them in material and save. This is super frustrating to spend so much time doing this and it is all gone. Support has been Zero help. This has been an ongoing issue and frankly is scary that Servi...

BDJ by New Contributor III
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Shrinkage/ Loss report

We need a shrinkage / loss report to show the loss of missing truck stock when counts are done. How can we get this?

dthompso4 by New Contributor III
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Task Mirroring through Form Submission

Is there a way for the ST system to allow for a form to be submitted by a technician after a job, from which tasks are automatically launched which pull inventory items from active stock? If possible, could a master inventory list also be pulled from...

Nelson_Gothard by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Inventory Values - Aggregate Inventory Report

Why do the values for current or past inventory only calculate based on the pricebook amounts. Is there a way for it to do an average cost like QB does? We would have to change our pricebook almost daily for accurate costs. I think it should take the...

msmith1_ by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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How does your company manage inventory?

Hello and good day to you all! Like most other companies, ours does inventory counts every quarter. We just did ours and it was an absolute nightmare.Previous inventory counts, what i had done was printed out every tab in our inventory spreadsheet fo...

ssiegfri by New Contributor II
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