Purchase Order Information and Columns

It would be really nice to have the customer name available to view on the purchase order dashboard. Currently I have to click into each job to see what is going on with the purchase orders. Ultimately, it might be nice to be able to customize the co...

AirButler by New Contributor
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Auto apply tags to jobs based on PO status

ST-63 has a lot of good warehouse focused updated, but this one specifically is exciting because of how we communicate parts arrival for ready to schedule (currently using a tag system to volley the job between warehouse/scheduling team)However, this...

Payables Module - vendor invoice numbers and duplicates

My company uses the Payables Module - I have noticed while reviewing invoices that it will not flag or otherwise indicate if a vendor invoice is a duplicate when it is being entered - or even after it has been entered.It would be extremely beneficial...

Smiller by New Contributor
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Updating form triggers for materials!

An idea could be to add "materials" to the list of items that can be selected so when certain materials are added to the invoice, a form will trigger. *Great for; non serialized materials that need to be registered, important materials that require m...

blakjack by New Contributor
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PDF Scanning for Purchase Orders

Hello!I think it would be useful to anybody buying on Purchase Orders in Service Titan if there was a tool that would allow you to upload a PDF or Image of a purchase from a vendor, and utilize PDF scanning technology to grab and organize the meaning...

Inventory and Pricebook

I would sure love to see an update in the pricebook for those of us using the Inventory module. We love the module but find we have to have 3 windows open when working with the pricebook. We need to know if a material item is on a template for restoc...

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serickso by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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