Vendor Bill Expansion

So our company batches Vendor Bills as we get the invoices. I have 4 pages currently of Vendor Bills. It's annoying to click through the pages to find the Bill I'm looking for. It would be so much nicer if we could expand the list so it's easier to f...

Print a PO

We need to be able to print a PO without downloading it and then printing it. This takes too much time! Please vote for my idea:

spetrie by Contributor
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Please Vote for my Idea

I need the ability to return to "pending status" (edit) a received po for our larger commercial projects.Please vote for my idea:

spetrie by Contributor
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Purchase orders Effect Job Cost

I wish we could have the option of turning off the job cost associated with the purchase order. We often don't use all the materials on the purchase order and there is no good way to remove it from the job costing. So we are manually backing the cost...

tkleinma by New Contributor II
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Resolved! Bulk Deactivate Vendors

Is it possible to deactivate vendors in bulk, rather than going one by one?

jaquelin by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Technician PO Feature Request

It would be cool if the technicians could link in to the material pricebook and add materials from the PO Screen in Mobile. If the techs dont get the item code perfect they are severley slowed down in building a PO.

dhutton by New Contributor
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Vendors Disappearing in Price Book

We are seeing our vendors disappearing after we input them in material and save. This is super frustrating to spend so much time doing this and it is all gone. Support has been Zero help. This has been an ongoing issue and frankly is scary that Servi...

BDJ by New Contributor II
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Need to be able to backdate a receipt

Please go vote for my idea COMMUNITY-I-2916Currently, a receipt cannot be dated before today. Sometimes we're playing catch up and we want to receive a PO a few days later, but record the date as the actual date received. Or sometimes I have to delet...

JessicaSmith by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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