PO Line Item Direction

One feature we sorely miss from our old platform, was the ability to direct line items on the invoice to different inventory destinations. For example:Plumber goes to the supply house and buys (1) 3/4" Press Male Adapter and a contract bag of (10) 3/...

ridstein by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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Inventory - Purchase Order Visibility

Does anyone know a work around to everyone in the office side have availability to see the purchase orders? This gives full visibility to every employee on how much money I am spending on what product and I think we all know employees cannot handle t...

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lbrewste by New Contributor III
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Check-Out or Rental Service Equipment Management

As many of us are either long time users or relatively new users of Service Titan I am sure that the company I represent is not alone in the desire to use Service Titan as a one stop shop for most, if not all, business management. More so, check-out ...

Material Usage/Ordering Tab

I feel as though the inventory is often times overlooked in many ways. Although tracking and managing it is easily chaotic, and hard to keep track of. I realize there is a way to do it through service titan. However, the reason I am trying to pitch t...

Required Date longer then 30 days out for Purchase Order Types

In the garage door industry, the majority of our door lead times are over 30 days. In fact, the longest lead time I currently have is 18 weeks. I would like the ability to select a longer time frame longer than the current 30 days when I am editing t...

jen_alon by New Contributor
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