Tracking Rented Material/Equipment

I'm curious if there is a way to track material/equipment that is inventoried but moves on/off jobs. I have multiple portable air conditioning units that we will be offering for to HVAC customers awaiting a new AC install. I would like to put them on...

Resolved! inventory

We are wanting to see ALL of the material items that are over the max in our vans/trucks and warehouses. Is there an option for this?

ddmcrystal by New Contributor II
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Negative quantities

We have discovered an issue where a System advisor can go into an estimate and list negative quantities on items in order to reduce the overall price (creating a discount). Any idea how to prevent this?

rcopes by New Contributor
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Inventory and QBO

We are looking to track our inventory, warehouse and service vans better and I am trying to find the best way to do so. We switched from QBD to QBO and I have heard that Service Titan works best with QBD but we are not looking to change that back ove...

MFitz by New Contributor
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Smart fields

Good morning, Created our clean and check forms with smart fields for model and serial numbers, but my question is how will that work if the record has multiple models and serial numbers in there? Also how does it differentiate between a ac model num...

Jimb1979 by New Contributor II
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Auto apply tags to jobs based on PO status

ST-63 has a lot of good warehouse focused updated, but this one specifically is exciting because of how we communicate parts arrival for ready to schedule (currently using a tag system to volley the job between warehouse/scheduling team)However, this...

Change in Purchase Order Screen

When creating a PO from a job, the PO# doesn't appear until AFTER you hit create now. Anyone know if there's a way to change it back so that it appears right away? If not, can ST please change it back?