Scheduling multiple sold estimates

Does any one else feel its very time consuming when booking multiple sold estimates , that you have to go back and copy and paste the summery in each one and add it to the upcoming invoice summary. there are time we have 8-10 different estimates that...

lauren12 by New Contributor II
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Tax on equipment and materials on estimates

We do not charge sales tax for our services and would like to know how others are accounting for taxes on equipment and materials when building estimates. Our prices in the pricebook are all pre-tax and when building an estimate it gives an incorrect...

jason_sp by New Contributor II
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Pause feature on jobs

So i learned today that there is a limit of 5 paused jobs on the techs schedule. My guys use the paused jobs as a reminder that they are waiting on things for those jobs. They were wondering if there was a way that they could be allowed to see all of...

transfor by New Contributor
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Parts Ordered

Currently we manually add a "parts ordered" or "parts here" tag to the job that the purchase order is connected to, we also get a scheduled report every morning with jobs with those two tags on. Then dispatch can see what jobs we are ready to return ...

user_4411 by New Contributor II
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Schedule feature visualization

While booking appointments we are using the schedule tab to better understand our current booked projects and to create geographical logical routes. We suggest adding to the appointment info tab the client's address for better and more effective sche...

Moshe by New Contributor
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Resolved! Membership Recurring Service Time Frame

We are trying to find out if we can set a maintenance membership so therecurring service is set to a certain time frame. Some customers have moreequipment than others so it takes longer to complete their maintenancevisit for a membership. We would li...

dyan_the by New Contributor II
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Completed Recurring Service Event Showing "Not Attempted"

Frequently, completed Recurring Service Events are showing as "not attempted" once a job is done. The job has been scheduled from the recurring service event and properly completed. Why would this happen? Does it show "not completed" if something was...

vtadros9 by New Contributor II
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Terms & Conditions with Replacement Estimates

We have a series of terms and conditions for sold HVAC replacement jobs. What is the best way to attach that to an estimate being sent to a customer and/or being signed?

amandaz88 by ServiceTitan Certified Administrator
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